Máy may 1 kim điện tử BRUCE R5

Máy may 1 kim điện tử BRUCE R5

Thread breakage detection, protect fabric
Machine automatic stops in case thread breakage, protect fabricfrom damage.

Finishing sewing without remaining thread,no need extra trimming
End remaining thread is within 3.5mm , automatic condense stitch to avoid stitch loosing. There is no necessary to trim the thread tail,which saves time,labor and money.

Coaxial driving, stable and reliable
Reduce machine torque, make the sewing fast, stable and  durable.

Suitable for light to heavy material with stable performance
Optimized thread take-up and feeding mechanism makes stitches more beautiful. Suitable for various fabrics like jeans and yarn.

One key to reset, easy operation
One key to factory reset, more humanized.

New outlook, more durable
German industrial design, 2 KG more in weight, more stable and durable. Full intelligent production line, standardized processing, well-made.



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