Đánh bông 3 kim ống nhỏ BRUCE BRC-664BDII

Đánh bông 3 kim ống nhỏ BRUCE BRC-664BDII

For light and heavy material, one machine with multi functions
Wide range of applications, suitable for various of fabrics like yarn and sweater.

Out-moved thread cam, easy operation
Out-moved thread cam makes threading and cleaning easily.

New design of feeding dog holder, avoid needle breaking and
New design of feed dog holder makes functions more stable and stitch more beautiful. Avoid of needle breaking and stitch skipping.

Small cylinder bed, easy to feed
Perimeter is only 270mm, shorter bed design, Easy to feed, high efficiency.

Reset cutter structuer, accurate thread trimming
Special knife plate makes trimming more accurate. New design of trimming structure makes trimming more stable. Knife-hacking trimming guarantees trimming precision.

Triple mechanisms make oil return forcibly, protect the fabric
Needle bar does not leak oil, Feed dog holder does not spit oil, Slide bar does not squirt oil.



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